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New Book Talks About Bromance Between Jeter and A-Rod

By May 10, 2011

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A new "unauthorized biography" about Derek Jeter has some interesting revelations about his friendship with Alex Rodriguez. The book, called The Captain, was penned by sports writer Ian O'Connor. One thing that interested me about the book was the bromance between Jeter and A-Rod. These two are teammates now, but clearly not very friendly. This can happen sometimes in a bromance, especially when one seems to idolize the other in the beginning. According to the NY Post, Jeter and A-Rod were introduced in 1993 by an agent who discovered that "A-Rod was already fascinated by Jeter."
Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez
The guys got along in the beginning, but by 1998, things were becoming rocky in their friendship due to A-Rod's jealousy of the media attention Jeter received. The book says that when A-Rod signed a big contract in 2000, things really got ugly. He made "a series of public comments that rankled a thin-skinned Jeter" and started causing the rift. A few months after the contract who-ha A-Rod said that Jeter "has never had to lead" in an Esquire interview, and that was that. Their friendship was over.
A-Rod, however, knew he had gone too far. It has be rough when you have a close relationship like this, go through a rough break up, and then have to work together. Jeter and A-Rod certainly have a great deal in common, and it remains to be seen if they can move on from past arguments to be friends again. If A-Rod could have convinced Jeter that he was done with the snarky comments, Jeter might have been able to forgive. But it's hard to extend that trust, especially when your friend has repeatedly made comments about you.
I can't help but wonder if sometime down the road these two wind up working through their issues and becoming friends again? What do you think?

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