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Best Friends Discover They Are Sisters

By May 16, 2011

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I think this story, out of Britain, is pretty darn amazing. You hear about this type of stuff in movies, but it's cool when it happens in real life. Two friends, who were true BFFs for 16 years, found out they were actually half sisters! How amazing is that? Alison Slavin and Sam Davies found out after Slavin looked for her birth mother.

Apparently the women looked "similar, have the same dress sense, have jobs in childcare and live less only a few kilometres apart." Still, they never suspected that they could be sisters.

I like this story because sometimes with these reunions, it's hard to become friends, which you really must do if you're going to make it work. So often birth family members think that because they share some DNA, they are automatically going to understand each other and get along great. But it takes time. These two women don't have to worry about that. They were already pals, so their friendship just became even more special.

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