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World Communication Week

By November 3, 2011

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November 1st through the 7th is World Communication Week. I think a week devoted to better communications is a wonderful idea. Communication problems can affect every area of our life, from our jobs to our friendships. You might think that "better communication" just means talking more, but the reason definition has to do with effectiveness. This includes listening, paying attention to non-verbal clues, and speaking clearly so that both your intent and message is obvious.

Friendships really benefit from good communication, and here are a few things you can work on this week that might help you and a friend relate just a little bit better.

  • How to Apologize. Let's face it, in friendship, you're going to mess up and when you do, you need to apologize. How can you do it right?
  • Non-Apology. You might think you're apologizing correctly, but are you? Or are you going through the motions and giving out an entirely different message?
  • Communicating When You're Busy. You have to be careful that when you're really busy that you don't come off short with a friend. They can take it the wrong way and start to think that your friendship is in trouble when really it isn't. Here's how to keep things going when you're really busy.
  • Nurturing Your Friendship. How to do and say things that will remind your friend that you care about them and are invested in the relationship.
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