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Cherie Burbach

Act Happy Week

By March 19, 2012

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March 19-25th is "Act Happy Week." When I first heard this I thought, why do we need a week designated to acting happy? But I think it's a good way turn your attitude around, and let's face it, we all get in dark moods sometimes. If you've been struggling with something, reach out. You can do this a number of ways: call up a friend, do something nice for a friend, or volunteer for those in need.

If you're angry with some of your friends for not supporting you, examine those friendships. See if you've been guilty of not communicating your problems properly to your friend. If you have done all you can to reach out, make an effort today to find new friends. Even if don't meet new people immediately, you'll feel better about your situation because you're taking action and making an effort. It's hard. I know that. It's difficult to "act happy" when you aren't. I've been there. I know.

But here's what else I know. Whatever is making you angry or sad... don't let it steal your future happiness. Or the happiness you might have today, right this very minute. Don't let anger and sadness take anymore from you than it already has.

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