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Wilson Phillips and Friendship

By April 13, 2012

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I was watching Piers Morgan the other night on CNN, and Wilson Phillips was on there. You remember Wilson Phillips? They had a couple hit songs about 20 years ago. The group is made up of Carnie Wilson, Chynna Phillips, and Wendy Wilson. Carnie and Wendy are the daughters of Brian Wilson, and Chynna Phillips is the daughter of Michelle and John Phillips.

Anyways, the girls all grew up together and have been lifelong friends.  But it hasn't always been easy for them, and they still have moments where they argue and have to work things through. This is the part about long-time friends that people often skip over. When they think of friends who have been close a long number of years, they think that the relationship is easy. Things just can't be easy all the time, or we would never grow as people. In Wilson Phillips' case, they acknowledged that they spent some years apart because they were arguing.

I enjoyed hearing their take because sometimes we have an argument, maybe even a big argument, and we think the friendship is over. But it doesn't always mean that things are at an end, even if you do spend time apart. Sometimes the time you spend apart makes you think about the friendship from a distance you didn't have when you were in it.

Have you ever spent years away from a friend and then got back together for good?

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