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Did Oprah Hide Her Secret From Gayle? Has Your Friend Ever Done This?

By November 28, 2012

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Oh, Oprah. She never fails to make the news. This is why she's a good topic for small talk.

The latest news item I saw on Yahoo Shine was that at "O Magazine's annual conference in Los Angeles last month that she had recently weathered a breast cancer scare."

The article went on to say that Oprah's BFF Gayle "appeared to be surprised and upset at the announcement."

There's a lot we don't know here, of course. One is that Gayle really was surprised by this news (as in, Oprah had never told her), or just surprised that Oprah announced it in front of a bunch of people. Or perhaps hearing her friend tell this announcement again (assuming she did know) was a surprise because she thought the info was private.

I would assume (and you know what that word means) that because Oprah and Gayle do talk frequently that Oprah probably did tell her about it.

Who knows.

The real point we can all take from this is: What should we tell our friends and what should we keep private?

I mean, seriously, do you tell your friends everything?

I offer some of my own experience in this. Years ago I had a good friend who I adored, but who basically had a big mouth. She wasn't malicious, but she blabbed too much about things. I had something happen that I really wasn't ready to share with everyone. If I would have told her, it would have been public news. I kept it to myself. Later, she was mad. I told her why I had kept it to myself ("I was afraid you would blab about it before I was ready to talk about it") and she understood.  It was no big deal with us because I didn't withhold info to make her upset, and we did talk about it later.

But there is something about secrets that can bond or split two friends. Having someone confide in you is a measure of trust. You have to be careful with the things your friend decides to share with you.

Have you withheld news from a friend for whatever reason? How did they react?

Or, more to the point of this story, have you ever been surprised at a secret your friend shared publicly?

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