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John Stamos Gives a Beautiful Farewell to Jack Klugman

By January 18, 2013

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Did I ever tell you that I met Jack Klugman? It was many years ago, he in town and heard that a production of The Odd Couple was being put on in our town. He came by to talk to the cast and gave everyone a thrill. He posed for pictures, and talked with the guy who was playing Oscar in the play. It was great. I was sad to see that Jack Klugman had passed away recently.

John Stamos and Jack Klugman

I caught this wonderful tribute to him written by John Stamos. You remember the guy from Full House? Well, he used to be in a show called You Again, where he played Jack Klugman's son. Apparently Klugman was a real hero to Stamos, and playing his son was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. They became close, with Stamos calling Klugman a mentor and friend.

One thing he said really touched me. He talked about when Full House came to an end, and Klugman suggested he do some theater. Klugman said that he would "maybe" show up to one of Stamos' performances in the play How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and one night he could hear Klugman in the audience:

"And then one night I heard that great gravely laugh in the dark. I will never forget the sound. The laugh I'd been waiting for since I got the job on Broadway. My hero and mentor came to see me."

Those few sentences, to me, sum up just how deeply Stamos cared for Klugman. They gave me chills to read them. Haven't we all had one person in our life who stepped in and became a mentor to us? Perhaps even like a parent?

Those types of people offer us a unique type of friendship. We learn from them, get courage to achieve our goals, and begin to see ourselves and the world in a completely different way. They are blessings in our lives.

It was wonderful that Stamos was able to have this kind of relationship with Klugman. If you have a mentor like this in your life, don't forget to tell them how much their friendship has meant to you.

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