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Has Facebook Replaced the Need for People to Get to Know Each Other Face to Face?

By February 21, 2013

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So often, I've heard from you that Facebook has complicated things in your friendships. But what about acquaintances? What about those folks you "know" only because you friended a friend's friend. (How's that for a tongue twister?)

With Facebook, acquaintances now see pictures of our family, see us chat about our joys and dislikes, and feel they "know" us without having to really get to know us. We might form an opinion of them from the things they post or from how we see them interact that might be totally opposite of what the truth of their personality really is.

I would caution you when you're interacting with acquaintances in this manner to still go slowly and get to know these people before assuming too much familiarity. Don't, for example, make comments on situations you might not know about, or talk about the friends you do know well (and have met in person) until you've spent some time with these acquaintances.

I think Facebook can be a wonderful tool for friendship, but we also need to learn new ways of interacting with each other and forming a connection. Just because someone is a Facebook "friend" doesn't mean they're a friend in the true sense of the word.

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