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Cherie Burbach

Taylor Swift: My Friends Don't Treat Me Like Anything Different Than Who I Am

By February 22, 2013

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I think one of the things all of us (whether you're a teen or a grandma) desire in life is being loved and accepted by the people around us. This includes your friends. Perhaps it's more important for your friends to care about you because those are the folks you have chosen to be in your life.

I caught this sentiment recently in an article on Great American Country about Taylor Swift. She said, "My friends don't treat me like anything different than who I am, which is their friend who goes through things the same way that they do, and vents the same way, gets off of work and calls them and it's like, 'We've got to get together. I have to tell you about this."

Taylor has talked about the importance of friends in her life before, and I love that she does this because I think it's very hard to make friends at times when you're: popular, famous, creative, different, female. We need to hear more about the positive benefits of friendship, because it's all too easy to let a few negative people get you down about friendships in general. Never let the negativity of one person put you off friendship. Good friends are out there. You just need to find them.

I often recommend having a variety of friends as a way to fill your soul. Having a variety of people in your life can stretch you as a person and also help you find people for different moments in your life. Not every friend is going to fit your needs all the time, and that's okay. You might want to hang out with someone one day and just have a cup of coffee and talk. Another day, you might want to go for a run, see an art exhibit, or just run a few errands. Having a variety of people allows you to do that, and it means you'll have to be accepting of their little quirks, as they will have to do with yours.

Taylor continues by saying, "It's kind of interesting to experience your life with your friends who are in all different phases of their life and all different professions and it doesn't really matter what they do with their life."


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