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This Act of Kindness Set the Tone for a New Family

A Stranger Paid for Their Wedding



Wedding kindness.

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  • I was really touched by this story about a stranger who paid for someone's wedding 54 years ago. Karel and Tom Nordstrom were young (still in their 20s) and when they got married they had a small reception with a few close friends. And then, this:

    "After the reception, the newlyweds went to see about paying, but were told that the costs had already been taken care of thanks to an anonymous stranger who had already left."

    Can you imagine the surprise and joy you'd feel at such a kind act? Especially when you needed it most?

    Well now, Tom has passed (he was 76) and Karel would like to find that anonymous stranger because their act of kindness really transformed the couple's life. Karel said, "It really was the start of how we thought and think in this family."

    I love that. A kind act that was remembered and used as a benchmark to change the way one family approached things for the better. The story went on to say that "Tom took an active role in the community, volunteering for a variety of organizations. His wife and daughter believe the stranger who picked up the tab was at least partially responsible."

    Small acts, people. Small, kind acts change a life. You might never know how much, but wouldn't you like to at least try to add to the positivity already going on in the world?

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