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Friendship June 2011 Archive


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Kim Kardashian Jogs With Pal Heidi Klum

Thursday June 30, 2011
More proof that having a workout buddy can help you stick to an exercise plan: Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum were spotted jogging together on Sunday morning in New York. ... Read More

Can Rivals Be Friends?

Wednesday June 29, 2011
Years ago I worked at a company that had quite a lot of contests to motivate us with sales. Since the company had several branches, very often we were pitted ... Read More

Would You Get a Tattoo of Your Facebook Friends?

Tuesday June 28, 2011
A lot of us are a little obsessed with Facebook, but would you ever get a tattoo of your Facebook pals? A Dutch woman actually did that! I think ... Read More

Things to Do on 4th of July With Your Friends

Monday June 27, 2011
Happy (early) Independence Day! You know, there are so many great things to do with your pals on this day. My favorite thing of all time? Watching the fireworks! (Of ... Read More

Be True to Your Friend

Sunday June 26, 2011
Just caught this wonderful quote on Twitter about friendship from Henry David Thoreau. It was posted by @marketingsnacks. "Be true to your work, your word, and your friend. ~ Henry David ... Read More

Have You Met a Friend While Traveling?

Saturday June 25, 2011
I know a friend who frequently travels by herself, and during her trips she always manages to come away with a new friend or two. I admire her spirit, and ... Read More

Christina Hendricks Supports Pal January Jones

Friday June 24, 2011
Don't you love the show Mad Men? I can't wait for the new season. Plus, I like it when the stars of that show talk about the friendships they have ... Read More

Death of Friends Inspired Fat Joe Loses 88 Pounds

Thursday June 23, 2011
They say our friends can help or hurt us when it comes to exercise and weight loss. They can encourage us to indulge, or to stick with our diet and ... Read More

Bruce Springsteen Says Goodbye to Friend Clarence Clemons

Wednesday June 22, 2011
I was so sad to hear about the passing of Clarence Clemons. I grew up listening to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, and will miss Clarence and his ... Read More

Talking to Your Neighbors

Tuesday June 21, 2011
We recently had a tree fall in our yard, and it hit our neighbor's power line. (And I was standing right under the tree when it nearly fell on me! ... Read More


Monday June 20, 2011
Looking for yet another way to connect with a friend online? How about UrbanOrca? According to Tech Crunch, the new site is a "Twitter-meets-Meetup.com model" that helps connect you ... Read More

Happy Fatherís Day!

Sunday June 19, 2011
Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! I hope you all have a wonderful day, and enjoy the time with your kids. Since it's Dad's Day, I thought ... Read More

Hanging With Friends on Father's Day

Saturday June 18, 2011
Father's Day is tomorrow, and for many people that means hanging out with dad for a cookout or dinner. For others, who (for whatever reason) don't celebrate Father's Day, here's ... Read More

Simon Pegg Writes Memoir

Friday June 17, 2011
Simon Pegg is a favorite of geeks everywhere, and let's face it, geeks are cool (they are, don't even try to tell me different), but he is also known for ... Read More

How Many Online Friends Can You Manage?

Thursday June 16, 2011
Do you feel a little overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the comings and goings with your Twitter pals? I do. With some friends, I only get around to ... Read More

Skip the Drive Through

Tuesday June 14, 2011
A few weeks ago we were having work done on our house, and as a result it was noisy. Really, really noisy! Noise doesn't work well for a writer. So ... Read More

Can Your Knowledge of Breakfast Cereal Help You to Meet Friends?

Monday June 13, 2011
Every once in a while I get asked about what types of topics work best with small talk. The conversation always seem to start with things like the weather or ... Read More

5 French Sauces to Add to Your Cooking Repertoire

Sunday June 12, 2011
Thinking of having some friends over for dinner? It's a great way for couples and large groups to get to know each other. I really enjoy having dinner parties myself, ... Read More

Creamed Corn and Sausages

Saturday June 11, 2011
One of the questions I suggest new friends ask each other is what favorite food item calls up a childhood memory. I like this question a lot, because it gives ... Read More

Christina Aguilera Talks Bromance on The Voice

Friday June 10, 2011
Have you guys been watching The Voice? It is such a great show. I wasn't sure if I would like it at first but I am definitely hooked. I like ... Read More

Get 101 Ways to Meet New Friends Delivered Right to Your Inbox

Friday June 10, 2011
I just finished writing a new ecourse which covers 101 ways for you to meet and keep friends. I get asked about how to find more friends and improve ... Read More

Going From Friends to Dating

Thursday June 9, 2011
About.com Dating Guide Bonny Albo asked readers recently, "How do you go from friends to dating?" This is a question I get a lot, also. After all, many great relationships ... Read More

Find Friendship in a 100-Year Old Book Club

Wednesday June 8, 2011
We know that joining a book club is a great way to meet new friends, but imagine the pals you could meet in a 100-year old book club! The Hamilton ... Read More

Even the Famous Forget Their Friend's Birthdays

Tuesday June 7, 2011
Jack Black and Angelina Jolie have become chummy since working on Kung Fu Panda together, but that doesn't mean the two don't have the usual pitfalls of friendship to deal ... Read More

Friendship Equals Job Satisfaction

Monday June 6, 2011
We've talked about the benefits (and cons) of friending coworkers, but yet another study seems to back up the belief that friendships are healthy (and key!) to overall job satisfaction. ... Read More

Be Thankful for Your Friends

Sunday June 5, 2011
Being grateful in general is very good for you. It's hard sometimes when things get tough. I'm not the only one that feels that way, right? But if you can ... Read More

Unbalanced Friendships

Saturday June 4, 2011
Every been in a one-sided friendship? I think we all have at one point or another. Unbalanced friendships can feel an awful lot like a frenemy situation on the surface, ... Read More

People Who Can Help You Meet Friends

Friday June 3, 2011
I have this friend who is just so connected, that I think I've met about ten other friends from her. She thrives on connecting people together. Do you know people ... Read More

Friendship Bread

Thursday June 2, 2011
I just finished Friendship Bread by Darien Gee. Wow, what an incredible read. This book, while fiction, does a wonderful job of highlighting various kinds of friendships. There is a ... Read More

Friendship Quote From John Leonard

Wednesday June 1, 2011
You know me, I'm a sucker for friendship quotes. I think they remind us of why friends are so important in life. So when I came across this one, I ... Read More

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