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Accepting an Apology

What to Say When Your Friend Apologizes


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Definition: Truly accepting an apology means that you have thought it through, acknowledge that your friend made a mistake, and embrace the fact that your pal is sorry. While you might still be a bit angry, you are on your way to letting go of that in favor of a solid friendship once again. Saying that you accept your friend's apology means that you are willing to put an end to the argument in such a way that it will not continue to be an issue going forward.

When your friend tells you they are sorry, embrace their apology as a way to move on from an argument. Do not keep bringing up the issue or continue reminding your friend about what happened.

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We all make mistakes. I accept your apology."

"After thinking it through, I realize this was just a misunderstanding and that you didn't mean to hurt me. I accept your apology."

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