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Online Course - - Four Weeks to Work Through Conflict With a Friend



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4 Weeks to Work Though Conflict With a Friend

Cherie Burbach

Have you had a big fight with your friend? The following pages offer a free, four-part online course for working through conflict with your friend. You can sign up to have this course delivered straight to your email inbox, where you will receive one lesson per week, or, you can browse through the lessons here online.

In this course, you'll find out how to get to the bottom of what the argument is really about, how to discuss the situation calmly and rationally, how to truly apologize (or accept an apology) so you can both move forward, and finally, how to nurture your friendship to have less conflict going forward.

This course consists of four sessions, delivered once each week. The week between lessons helps you ponder and work on each key point in the road to making up with your friend. However, if you feel you'd like to move forward at a quicker rate, all the issues of this ecourse are also listed here online. Choose the pace that is right for you and your friendship.

If you do sign up for the email course, be sure to add friendship@aboutguide.com to your contact list to make sure the lessons aren't blocked by your service provider.

If you have a question about the argument you and your friend are working through right now, feel free to visit our Friendship Forum, where you can ask questions and get opinions from our community of readers.

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Four Weeks to Work Through Conflict With a Friend
Part 1: What Is the Fight Really About?
Part 2: How to Discuss the Situation Calmly and Rationally
Part 3: How to Apologize (or Accept an Apology) So You Can Move Forward
Part 4: Nurture Your Friendship So You Have Less Conflict Going Forward

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