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Downsides Of Facebook Friends

Bad Things About Online Facebook Pals


Facebook is popular and has certainly expanded society's idea of what friendship really is, but like anything it has good points and bad. Overall, Facebook can provide yet one more way to get to know your friends. But here a few points to keep in mind as you develop relationships on the site.

Facebook Friends Aren't the Same as "Real Life" Friends

Perhaps the biggest downfall of Facebook is that the friends you have aren't always that. Some people may friend you without knowing a thing about you. Others might be total strangers. While Facebook allows us to connect with people, it doesn't provide the same type of interaction that you'd get in real life. This can give you a false sense of what friendship really is.

The best bet is to combine the benefits of Facebook with real, in-person, connections. It's okay to have a lot of Facebook friends and enjoy spending time on the site, but couple it with time spent with people you see in person.

Too Much of a Good Thing

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Facebook can sometimes give you an "overload" when it comes to your friends. When you see their wall posts, pictures, and comments, it can take away from the joy you have in catching up with them in person.  To combat this, limit the time you spend on the site, or on commenting or viewing their wall posts. Only you can know what is comfortable for your friendship, so if you feel like Facebook is ruining your friendship, take a break from it.

People You Wouldn't Want to See Again Might Friend You

Facebook allows you to connect with people from your past, and even friendships that might have ended after a falling out. This can be a negative thing if you're not ready to make up with that individual or even if you've decided to move on from them.

Since folks from your past can find you easily, you'll also get a friend request or two from high school or college buddies. Sometimes these just aren't welcome, particularly if you had a difficult time in school. It's one thing to get over your past and another entirely to be confronted with it when it's miles behind you.

If an old friend contacts you and you're not sure if you want them in your life again, make sure whatever you decide is right for you. Don't do what you "think" you should do or what someone else tells you is right. If it doesn't seem like a positive thing, you certainly don't need to let an old friend back in your life.

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