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Friendship Quote of the Day - 57

Penny Marshall


Penny Marshall

Penny Marshall

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Welcome to the Friendship Quote of the Day!

Today's Quote:

Penny Marshall

Carrie helped me through the roughest patches. In addition to being available on the phone or in person, she played matchmaker, introducing me to Art Garfunkel, the singer." (From Penny's memoir, My Mother Was Nuts.)

Today's Inspiring Thought: Have a Joint Birthday Party

Penny Marshall's friendship with Carrie Fisher has lasted for decades. For 25 years, they had a joint birthday party that was the talk of the town. They shared a lot in their lives, and Penny speaks of Carrie with fondness in her memoir, My Mother Was Nuts.

The joint birthday party idea is a good one if you haven't tried it yet. If you've got a friend that has a birthday in the same month, it's a way to share the fun and expenses. It takes the focus of off you alone and puts it on your friendship instead.

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