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How Long Should You Wait for an Apology?

A Proper Amount of Time When You Should Apologize


How Long Should You Wait for an Apology?


My friend and I had a big fight and I've been waiting a week for her to apologize. How long should I wait before I demand an apology?



Apologies are best if they're done immediately after doing something wrong, but sometimes it takes a little soul-searching in order to find the right words to say. Some apologies may take years. It all depends on the friendship and the people involved.

However, when you're waiting for a friend to apologize, make sure that your conscience is clear as well. If you and a friend argued, perhaps there's something you should apologize for also.

If not, decide if you can move forward without an apology. You don't need to wait until your friend is sorry in order to forgive them.

If what your friend did is a really big deal, your friendship might be at an end if they won't take responsibility and apologize. If their error was small, maybe you can give your friend a pass and just move forward. In this case you can say something like:

"I really enjoy our friendship, but I wanted you to know I was hurt when you [insert error]. I forgive you, but I'd also like you to apologize so we can just put it behind us for good."


There is a chance that your friend doesn't realize they did anything wrong. Perhaps they're in denial about the incident, or they sincerely believe everything is fine between you two. If that's the case, stop waiting for an apology and just talk with your friend again. You can also use the phrase mentioned above for a situation like this, which will let your friend know you're ready to move on from the argument but that you do still want to hear them apologize so the conflict doesn't continue as an issue in your relationship.

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