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If you need a quote on friendship, or just want to find out more about famous celebrity friends, this is the section for you. We'll talk about how friendships are portrayed in every area of pop culture, from books to movies to TV.
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After a Tragic World News Event
Dealing with tragedy in the news may affect you even if you don't know people personally involved in the event. Here's how it may change your mind and perspective.

How to Create a Friendship Gratitude Blog
One way to show appreciate for the friends in your life is by starting a gratitude blog. This not only benefits you but can also inspire others.

How to Create a Friendship Journal
A friendship journal helps you practice gratitude by recognizing the small but significant things your friends do to help you, inspire you, and add value to your life.

Songs About Friends
When you need some inspiration or just want to celebrate your friendship, here are some songs to listen to.

New Year's Resolutions for Your Friendships
Things to work on this year to improve your life and friendships.

Celebrating a Christmas Birthday
When a friend's birthday falls on or near Christmas.

10 Best Friendship Songs
Songs about friendship, a special type of love, are a little more rare than traditional love songs.

The Latest Trends in Friendship
Trends in friendship.

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