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How to Create a Friendship Gratitude Blog

Writing Grateful Thoughts About Your Friends Online


Friendship Gratitude Blog

One way to show appreciate for the friends in your life is by starting a gratitude blog.

Ezgi Platin

If you're someone who doesn't care to write out things by hand, you might enjoy the benefits of a friendship gratitude blog. A blog of this kind has similar benefits to a friendship journal, but it also has a few perks a handwritten book can't provide. A blog that you make public will honor your pals and also may inspire others to write about their own friendships, while a more private blog will help you express your feelings of gratitude.

Difficulty: Easy

Time Required: Set up a blog and graphics in under an hour. Blog for as many years as you'd like.

Here's How:

  1. Choose a blog host and design. The most popular are Blogger or WordPress, and both offer free and easy sites that come with templates. The About Weblog Guide has some great tips for choosing the right blogging software as well.
  2. Set your privacy settings. Since you'll be writing about friends on this blog, do you want everyone on the Internet to see your words? Or just the people you are writing about? You have the ability to allow specific people to view your blog, or you can set it up so only you can see it.

    Allowing everyone to see your friendship blog can be a wonderful way to inspire others to do the same. If you do decide to open your blog up to everyone, be sure to protect the identities of your friends. Use first names only or change them.

  3. Decide on a set time to write on your blog. To get in the habit of blogging about your friends, choose a regular time to record your thoughts. The frequency is up to you, but generally once a week works well for most people.
  4. When it comes to writing, start by thinking about the week you've had with your friends. Were there funny moments? Hilarious things your friend said? You can write about things you appreciate about your friends, great memories you've shared, quotes, sayings, or even how you resolved a fight. The point is to make it positive, so you'll have a deeper appreciation for your friends.
  5. How long to keep blogging? As long as you feel like it! The great thing about blogs is that you can keep them going forever so you can always have a space to come back to and record your thoughts.


  1. Focus on the positive. It's all too easy with blogs to type out your frustrations or angry moments.
  2. Check for typos. After reading through your blog, check for mistakes and punctuation errors. Be sure to type out your thoughts first though, before going back to edit.

What You Need:

  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • A few minutes to type out your gratitude thoughts
  • Basic knowledge of blogging

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