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Celebrating a Christmas Birthday

When Your Friend's Birthday Falls Near Christmas


Christmas Birthday

Christmas Birthday

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Anyone born on or near Christmas can tell you that it's usually a bummer. Friends and family combine your birthday with the holiday, and you never really have a chance to properly celebrate. People born on or near Christmas get used to the idea that their birthday gets lost in the holiday rush, but this is where friends can really help.

If you have a friend with a Christmas birthday, here are some tips for making it special.

Don't Combine Their Birthday With Holiday Celebrations

Avoid adding your friend's birthday as an aside. For example, don't hold a holiday party and then say, "And we'll also celebrate John's birthday!" John's special day will get lumped into the rest of the holiday hoopla, and it won't be as meaningful.

Instead, carve a day to dedicate your focus on your friend alone. Whether that's a dinner, a party, or just a cup of coffee, make sure you're taking time to acknowledge their birthday as a special event all by itself.

Wrap Presents in Birthday Paper

Many people with Christmas birthdays never seem to get gifts wrapped in birthday paper since friends and family are usually in the midst of wrapping other gifts in holiday paper. It's just more convenient to wrap their friend's birthday gift in the same Christmas wrapping they use for everything else.

Using colorful birthday wrapping paper (in anything but red and green) is an extra special detail that your friend will appreciate.

Make Time for Your Friend

One of the most disappointing things about a Christmas birthday is that friends never seem to have time to actually celebrate. By the time they do get around to it, it's often a month or more later, and the excitement of your friend's birthday is long past.

Make a point to schedule time for your friend (write it in months in advance on your calendar if you need to) and give your friend the gift of a party very near the day of his or her birthday.

Give Them Separate Christmas and Birthday Gifts

Your friend has probably received many gifts over the years that were meant to cover both their Christmas and birthday. These were probably from family, but one benefit to having you as a friend is that you can help make up for all those sore memories from childhood. Be sure to give a gift that is only for your friend's birthday, and if you exchange Christmas gifts, get another one for the holidays.

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