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Calendar Dates

Special Calendar Days and Holidays


Having a list of holidays and special calendar days handy can help when it comes to things like updating your planner, sending a note for a funny holiday, or just getting details for times when you're arranging a get together with friends. The following is a good collection of resources where you can find all those special calendar days that don't get as much attention as other dates.

Brownie Locks

This site is colorful and perhaps doesn't look "too serious," but it contains a wonderful collection of special holidays and dates. It's kept up to date and provides a listing of monthly, weekly, and daily observances.

On This Day

Select a day on the calendar to find out what happened in the past on any day you choose. You can look forward, back, or sign up to get a daily delivery of "on this day" goodness.

Holiday Insights

This site highlights some of the popular events of the month as well as "this month in history" facts. Also included are tidbits like flower or birthstone of the month. The information is perfect for when you want to create a special calendar as a gift for a friend, or when you're just looking for random facts.

Holiday Smart

The Holiday Smart site contains a handy reference of annual calendars, so you can look ahead several years in advance if you're so inclined. It also has a listing of holiday recipes, state-by-state events, email card resources, and other "fun stuff" like birthstone and flower of the month information.

Days of the Year

Another listing site of special calendar days, which also gives you a heads up about which holidays are coming up in the next couple of days when you log on. Not quite as complete as some of the other sites listed here, but a good alternative reference.

Federal Holidays

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management offers a look ahead (and even back) at the official list of American Holidays. These are dates that many government offices are closed and many workers have off. Referring to a list like this one can help you plan out your vacation as well as arrange special get togethers with friends.

Famous Birthdays

If you're looking for the birthdays of celebrities or other famous folks, this site will prove helpful. It lists famous birthdays by day, including the year of birth. (It also does the math for you and tells you how old each person is.) The site has other fun things like a visual calendar of birthdays and a Facebook trivia game.


This site is visually laid out very well, and even offers a newsletter signup so you can have celebrity gossip and news items delivered straight to your inbox. The site also has a "lookalikes" section and "featured celebrity" where you can get even more info on your favorite star. You can search for birthdays by month, or look them up by name.

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