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Top 5 TV Bromances

TV Shows With Male Best Friends


Looking for some inspiration for your own real-life bromance? How about some of TV’s best guy pals? These best friends may have been created for the fictional television world, but they have many characteristics of real-life bromances.

Gus and Shawn on Psych

Gus and Shawn from Psych
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One great thing about a bromance is that the two friends involved don’t need to be alike in order to make it work. Opposites keep things interesting, and that is certainly the case for Gus and Shawn on the show Psych. Shawn has been taught by his father to notice things that no one else does. This makes him a great detective, but he’s a little goofy and sometimes has his head in the clouds.

Enter Gus, who has been Shawn’s best friend since they were kids. Gus is a pharmaceutical salesman (and the one with the “proper job”), but he helps Shawn solve crimes in his spare time. He also plays along with Shawn’s claim that he’s psychic, proving that a great friend will appreciate you despite your quirks.

JD and Turk on Scrubs

Perhaps the biggest TV bromance of all time was on Scrubs, where we saw doctors JD and Turk shamelessly express their love for one another. They celebrated their friendship with secret games (“hide the cracker”), pet names (Chocolate Bear), and singing (“Guy Love”). They had to adjust when Turk got married and had a child, but like good bromance partners they found time to balance their friendship with their personal lives.

Michael and Dwight on The Office

Michael and Dwight’s relationship is truly a bromance in that Dwight is enamored with Michael. Michael is the boss, and that edge in the balance of power doesn’t deter Dwight at all. Many times, a bromance starts off with one guy just really admiring another. Michael may not be as into Dwight, but that’s okay. Michael recognizes his loyalty. If he needs anything, from the ridiculous request to the kind word, Dwight is there without question.

Hiro and Ando on Heroes

Hiro found that he had the amazing power to stop time in its tracks on the TV show Heroes, but despite his ability he refused to leave his buddy Ando behind. When Hiro would disappear into the future, Ando worried about him, putting Hiro’s safety ahead of his own at times. They were geeky bromantic partners who were inseparable, yet they brought out the best in one another.

Joey and Chandler on Friends

With a show named Friends, you know you have to have at least one pair of bromantic partners, right? Joey and Chandler were roommates, opposites, and best buds. Joey was an actor and stud-muffin, while Chandler worked in data (did we ever really find out what he did for a living?) and had a hard time getting chicks. The two were as opposite as could be, except for their love of Baywatch and their duck, Yasmine. They were different enough to keep things interesting, but shared enough things in common to make them true friends.

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