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Double Date Ideas

Getting Together With Couples Friends


Having another couple you can hang out with is a fun way to spend an evening, but you can get a little stuck in the "going out to dinner" rut. Don't be afraid to find new activities for you and your friends to do. Branching out can help you each show a different side to your personality so you can deepen your friendship.

Cocktail Party

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Do it old school like they used to do in the 60s and dress up for a cocktail party. With shows like Mad Men, the cocktail party has become a chic thing to do again. The show's website even offers a cocktail guide with photos and recipes of the most popular drinks from the 60s. You could learn how to make a pink lady or a whiskey sour

To add even more ambiance to the night, play music from the era, like Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, or Johnny Mathis to set the mood.

Collector's Party

Many people collect some type of item, from salt shakers to action figures to coins. Invite your couples friends over for a collector's party, where you each bring one item from your collection for show and tell. It will give each of you a glimpse into a unique side to your friend, and you'll learn more about them and why they began collecting in the first place.

Trivia Night

Beer, trivia, and wings, anyone? Many pubs and restaurants offer a trivia night, so why not bring along another couple and team up? Or, you could play against each other if you really want to get competitive. Trivia nights are usually a blast because you can pick up the oddest facts about pop culture or sports. To find a trivia night in your area, do a web search for "trivia" and your town name to see what pops up.


Going out for brunch always feels a little bit special to me because it's something we did only for certain occasions, so maybe that's why I like this as an activity to do with our couples friends. You dress up a bit, drink a little champagne, and have a great time all on a weekend afternoon. It makes the few hours you spend together that much more memorable.

Movie Night

We love having friends over for what we like to call, "bad movie night." We choose a film that is cheesy, over the top, or just plain awful, and talk through the whole thing. This has proved to be something we look forward to, because it gives us a chance to see just how many goofy movies are out there, and brings out our silly side as well.

Here are some good choices for a night like this:

If you're doing a movie night, think outside the box. Make a theme night (with scary movies or French films), or have everyone make a choice and watch back to back movies each time you see each other. The point of movie night is to have fun, so don't choose a flick that's too serious or evokes emotions that your friends wouldn't want to deal with.

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