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6 Different Ways to Use Your Favorite Quotes

Uses for Friendship Quotations



Use your favorite quotations to nurture your friendship.

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Quotes are used for a lot of different ways, from encouragement to inspiration. They're prevalent in social media, where people are looking for ways to connect with each other, and they're also popular on this site.

But after you read them, how can you use or apply them to your friendships? Here are some ideas.

Post on Facebook and Twitter

Inspire you friends with quotes they might like the next time you're logged into Facebook or Twitter. Quotes tend to do very well in social media. All Twitter says that when you see a quote you enjoy, "Why not pare it down to 140-characters and tweet it out? You’ll get a slew of retweets from people who want to share that pearl of wisdom with their followers."

Best of all, your friends will enjoy them.

Write Them Down in a Notecard

One random act of kindness idea is to simply send your friend a handwritten note to let them know you're thinking of them. Why not include a quote they might enjoy along with your personal thoughts? It's a good way to come up with something inspiring to say and will likely make your friend's day.

Put Them Up at Your Computer

Who doesn’t need some inspiration from time to time? Why not print off a quote you love and keep it by your computer? That way, you'll have positive words surrounding you on those days when things are looking bleak or when you're having a tough time with a friend.

Memorize Them

Sometimes a quote becomes a mantra for your life. This is especially true for Bible quotes, or sayings about happiness. These types of quotes are worth memorizing and repeating back to yourself throughout the day. Doing so can actually change your mindset and program yourself to think more positively.


If you're creating a page specifically designated to friendship, add a few quotes to convey the thought behind a photograph. It will give your pages extra meaning, and may even inspire you to frame one or two and give as a gift for a friend. (See also: Scrapbook page ideas using quotes.)

Gather Them In a Notebook

There are some people that really enjoy keeping quotes in one place that they can refer back to when they need a little inspiration. If you're one of those folks, get a nice looking notebook and jot a few quotes down when you come across one or two you like. Or, gather a few together in a book as a gift idea for a friend.

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