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Friendship Boot Camp - Week 7

Tips on Getting Together With Friends


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Invite a friend and their family over for dinner.

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You've made it through to the seventh week of boot camp. Here are some final tips to help you make time for your friends.

Share a Family Meal

Each month, share a family meal with each other. Invite a friend (and their family) over to eat a regular weeknight meal with your family. You'll both get the family time you need while you also get some friend time in. Your friends can be very helpful in mentoring your children, and a family dinner is a low-key way to make that happen.

Create a Made Up Holiday

Come up with a fun and interesting day that celebrates your friendship in some way. Maybe it's based on a private joke you have, the first day you both met, or just a favorite time of the year. You might want to check out some of the unique days others have created for inspiration when creating your own.

Work on a Joint Bucket List Together

Bucket list items should be inspiring, daring, or fulfill a part of your heart and soul that you never thought would happen. Having a friend participate in this type of activity can make completion of these new and challenging activities even more satisfying. What's more, you'll both be supporting each other as you work on your life-long goals.

How to Put These Tips Into Action

  • Inviting friends over to eat dinner with your family isn't difficult. All you have to do is come up with a day and schedule it. It's often easier to do this than to find time to have a girls night out or regular friendship date because it's just for a couple hours during a weeknight. In fact, you can save each other time and effort by alternating the hosting of these dinners, and since you need to cook for your family anyway, having a few extra people over isn't really a big deal.
  • Reminisce about old memories with your friends to help come up with a fun day that you can celebrate each year. Remembering an enjoyable day from the past is a good way to keep in touch on a regular basis.
  • Ask a friend to come up with bucket list activities that you can work on together. Do one item a month until you accomplish them all.

In the final week of Boot Camp, you'll take a look at your progress and figure out where you need to improve or continue.

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