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Take Friendship Offline Boot Camp

Having More Time for Friends


Friendship Boot Camp

Making time for friends with the help of this Friendship Boot Camp.

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Doesn't it seem as if fitting time in with friends is harder these days? We've got a lot in our busy schedules, but when you can't find the time to see a friend in person, it makes it harder to maintain your friendship. You begin to assume things, like reasons why your friend didn't call, or why they haven't been around.

Social networking is great to keep us connected on the surface, and the Internet is a good place to find information on how to make your friendships better, but in order to use them to the best advantage, you'll got to make an effort to see the people in your life that you care about. There's no substitute for face-to-face communication.

Who Should Participate in This Boot Camp

This boot camp is designed to give you a renewed sense of spirit and energy when it comes to your friends.

People who should participate:

  • Might often feel tired at the end of the day and can't seem to get around to making plans with friends.
  • Have a lot of Facebook friends but feel alone quite often.
  • Don't feel they have the support system they need for the ups and downs that life throws their way.
  • Say "we'll have to get together" to people but never actually schedule the time.
  • Have a lot of acquaintances they wish they knew better.

What You Can Expect From This Boot Camp

This boot camp will last eight weeks. During this time you'll be given weekly tips on how to make face-to-face time for friends. It will help you change your approach and get your friendships in tip top shape.

Each week you'll come back here to read the latest tips on how to get more time with your friends. Want a reminder? Sign up for the email list, which will send you a note directly to your inbox with a link to that week's tip.

If you're really ambitious, you can read ahead to the tips simply by hitting the "next" link you see at the bottom of the page. Want to read the previous week's tip again? Just hit the "previous" link.

You will change your approach from "someone who communicates with friends online" to someone who sees their friends regularly in person. It means that instead of using Facebook, Twitter, and email to find out how friends are doing, you'll be using those methods just to set up and confirm plans. You'll wait to talk to them until you see them and can really listen. As a result, they'll feel valued and your friendship will be stronger. You'll also have fun and enjoy your friendships more.

Here is the weekly list of tips from me and our guest boot camp instructors on how to take your friendship offline.

Take Friendship Offline Boot Camp

Week 1 - How to Prepare and Succeed

Week 2 - Culture Crawl and MeetUp MashUp

Week 3 - Chat-n-Chai and Negotiation

Week 4 - Turning Acquaintances Into Friends and Hosting a Sharing Friends Dinner Party

Week 5 - Getting Outside Your Comfort Zone and Playing the Alphabet Game

Week 6 - Meeting for an Athletic Activity, Getting Pampered, and More

Week 7 - Invite Friends Over for Dinner With Your Family, Work on a Joint Bucket List, and More

Week 8 - Evaluate Your Progress on Forming the Connecting Habit

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