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Friendship Boot Camp - Week 1

How to Prepare and Succeed


Prepare for Friendship Boot Camp

Preparing for Friendship Boot Camp

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Like anything in life, meaningful change in your friendships takes work and dedication. When you actively transform your outlook to make face-to-face time with friends, it can feel a bit overwhelming at first. After all, in order to fully absorb the change as a new habit, it takes some time before it becomes standard behavior.

Changing your approach isn't hard, but it will take some effort. Go in with the knowledge that if you utilize the tips in this boot camp enough, eventually your preference and habit will be that you'll want to see your friends face-to-face rather than just leaving a post on Facebook or sending them a text.

Think About How You Communicate Now

To prepare, stop and make a mental note each time this week you're ready to log on to Facebook to see what your friends are up to, or when you fire off a quick text. Then, change that to a phone call. Hearing your friend's voice is much different (and more personal) than chatting with them online.

Making this small change will help you transition to setting up more face time in lieu of online communication.

Which Friends Do You Need to See in Person More Often?

Also, make a list of friends in your area who you always say you're going to get together with and never do. Start thinking about things you can do together just to see them and reconnect. The tips that follow in the next few weeks will be a help in this area.

When you call your friend to set up a time to see them, avoid catching up over the phone if you can. Save your conversation for when you see them. This also might be a change in how you approach your friendships, but it's a good way to see the nonverbal clues that your friend gives off when they speak. You'll be able to communicate much more effectively, even when you're just chatting about your week, when you do it in person.

Next week, you'll get tips on how to use Meetup.com to find fun things to do with your friends.

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