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Friendship Boot Camp - Week 8

Forming a Connecting Habit


Analysis of Friendship Boot Camp

Analyzing what you did at Friendship Boot Camp.

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How have the last eight weeks gone? Do you feel more connected to your friends? Are you frustrated that finding time hasn't come more easily for you and your friend? This is the time to look back on the effort you put in and see where you might need to improve or change things.

First, though, give yourself a pat on the back! Changing a habit is difficult, and you're well on your way to transforming your approach toward friendships.

Identify the areas where you succeeded. These are the things that made you feel good, gave you an emotional lift, and helped you deal with stress a little better.

  • You might have found, for example, that you ran to meet a friend after a busy day where you felt like canceling, but went through with your friend date instead. As a result, you felt rejuvenated afterward.
  • Or perhaps you and a friend decided to work on a fitness goal together, and as a result you physically feel much better.
  • Maybe you just ran a few errands with friends on a weeknight, and it made the weekend feel like it came that much faster than usual.

Identify the ideas you need to work on. These are often the areas where you felt stressed or irritated with the process of scheduling time with a friend.

You might find that there were areas where you or a friend dropped the ball, like:

  • Following up with available times.
  • Coming up with things to do.
  • Canceling at the last minute.
  • Getting annoyed with friends who can't seem to make time for you.

Remember, change often comes slowly. While you're on board for taking friendships offline, maybe some of your friends aren't quite there yet. Don't let the annoyances of coordinating schedules get you down. The more you do it, the more you and your friends will get used to seeing each other in person and make it a priority.

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