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Out of the Box Gift Ideas for Booklovers

Book Gifts for Someone Who Likes to Read


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Booklovers are easy to buy for usually. But instead of (or in addition to) a gift certificate from the bookstore or a pile of books to read, how about one of these out-of-the-box gifts related to the written word.

Literary Caricature Pillows

This gift is perfect for the friend that enjoys literature and also has a sense of humor. The colors of each caricature are bright and fun, and created with an eco-friendly process that conserves water and does not release any harmful chemicals.

For $50, you can choose between images for William Shakespeare, Jane Austen, Edgar Allen Poe, and Charlotte Bronte. Exclusively available at Uncommon Goods.

Book Purse

If your friend has a favorite classic book they love, why not get them a purse made from the cover? That way they'll be able to carry their favorite book with them everywhere they go (sort of.) Each book purse retails for $45 and is available on Etsy.

Gift Certificate for Glasses

Doesn't it seem as if people who read a lot need glasses? Let your friend be cool like Danny Gokey and try out different looks by giving them a gift certificate to their favorite eyeglass place. Eyeglasses are expensive and not everyone has insurance that covers them. The newer models help with glare and with work on the computer, all of which will allow your friend fresher eyes with which to read.

Book Necklace

Your friend will love a necklace that reflects their love of reading. This one highlights several banned books, while this charming silver necklace represents all books. Or, if you're really feeling ambitious, you could make a custom necklace with a cover personalized just for your friend.

Ideas for Comic Book Lovers

If your friend is a comic book lover, you want to get them just the right action figure, shirt, or book inspired by their favorite superhero. Don't get it wrong! Geeks are particular about the details.

Cool Book Tees

This fabulous collection of men's and women's tees from Out of Print clothing is a win for booklovers. You'll find a large variety here so regardless of which genre your friend loves, you're sure to find something. Most shirts retail for under $30.

Banned Books Mug

There is something about banned books that ignites passion and anger in booklovers. So give them something that represents the fact that the written word will not be put down! This mug will hold a cup of coffee or tea nicely while they read their favorite work. Also good for someone in the office.

DIY Bookmark Ideas for Booklovers

Even if you're all thumbs when it comes to crafts, you can whip up a simple bookmark for a friend to go along with another book-related gift. Wouldn't they love it if you highlighted a favorite page of yours? Who wouldn't enjoy the gift of the written word combined with a small token you made with your own hands?

Penguin Classics Book Paper

After you finish buying your perfect gift, wrap it in this paper that highlights the classics. From Signals, $12.95 and under.

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