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Friendship Gift Books

Books to Give as a Small Present


Got a hard-to-buy-for friend? Or perhaps you need an extra stocking stuff? These gift books that center around friendship are perfect as an additional small present, or as a stand-alone gift for an acquaintance or office friend.

There are a variety here that include positive thoughts on friendship, recipes, quotes, poems, and more. Add a personalized message to the front in your own handwriting to make it even more special for your friend.

1. Friends to the End: The True Value of Friendship

If your friend happened to enjoy The Blue Day Book by Bradley Trevor Greive, then Friends to the End is sure to be a gift hit. The author combines humor (as you can see by the cover alone), with inspirational thoughts to show us the way friendships affect our lives for the better. Sure, our friends get under our skin sometimes, but they also make our lives that much more special.

2. Good Friends Are Like Angels: They Add Blessings to Life

If your friend enjoys the artwork of Claire Stoner, she'll love this gift book. The title says it all. Our friends are as precious to us as angels, and they often act as our protectors and those that love and care for us the most.

3. The Sweet Taste of Friendship

If you've got a friend who likes apple-themed gifts or is into country life, this pick is especially for you. This beautiful gift book from Karla Dornacher features recipes, quotes, quick craft projects, and more. Each page will help you tell a friend how much you care.

4. Friends Forever, Facing Whatever

Another beautifully illustrated book, Friends Forever, Facing Whatever contains quotes, Bible verses, and inspiring thoughts about friendship. The book is illustrated with artwork from Lori Siebert, and is perfect for long-time friends or even coworkers.

5. Friends Are Everything

Friendships Are Everything
Conari Press
This gift book, by B. J. Gallagher, is perfect for the friend you've had forever. The book includes inspiring stories about friendship that any set of long-time friends can relate to. It also has quotes and a fun, vintage look and feel.

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