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Gift Ideas for Busy Friends

Perfect Gift Ideas for That Busy Pal


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You know that friend that is so busy you wonder how they do it? Not only are they hard to keep up with, they are also hard to buy for. These gift ideas will help you get them something they can use and appreciate.

Spa Treatment

Spa Gift
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If your friend is constantly running from appointment to appointment, a spa treatment will be a welcome present. This could include a gift certificate to a local spa or even a home spa kit. If scheduling time with your pal is a challenge, you might want to make appointments for both of you so can relax, get pampered, and reconnect. It's one way you can keep your friendship going while you also treat your friend.

eReader and Gift Cards for eBooks

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Busy people love their eReaders (like Kindles and Nooks) because they’re always on the go and like to have something on hand to read when they’re running kids to school or waiting in line. They might have time only in short snippets, so they like the flexibility of reading or surfing the web without lugging a book or computer with them everywhere.

eReaders have really come down in price, so you easily pick up one for a friend. If they have an ereader already, an ebook cover or gift card where they can purchase several ebooks is also nice.

You might want to also point out several places that they can get free ebooks as well. Since your pal is busy, suggestions on what to read may help save them time. You might suggest books that:

Gift Basket That Encourages a Night Vegging Out

What does your friend most like to do when they finally get a day off? Relax in front of the TV? Chill out with a book and a cup of tea? Plant some flowers?

Whatever their passion, create a personalized gift basket that urges them to relax and kick back. Make everything as high quality as you can. For example, give them a journal to record their thoughts and include an expensive pen that they’ll actually enjoy taking time to write with. Or give them a few books that are beautifully made, along with some Talbot tea so they’ll cherish even a few minutes away from the daily stress of life. Give them a gift basket that invites them to take time for themselves.

Pay for Babysitting or Maid Service

If your friend is busy yet strapped for cash, maybe you can help by paying for someone to do a few tasks that take up time in your friend’s life. Often busy people feel stressed out because they have certain tasks on a to-do list that never seems to get completed. By giving them a gift like this, you essentially give them more free time.

Dinner of the Month Club

Dinner Out With Friends
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What’s better than someone else making dinner? Having it delivered! The Dinner of the Month Club has favorite pasta dishes available for three, six, and twelve month periods. Imagine how grateful your friend will feel coming home to a ready-made meal that they don’t need to think about.

Yoga and Meditation Classes

Yoga - Meditation
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Sometimes busy people don’t know how to relax, so a class that can help them reconnect with their spirit will get them to slow down from time to time. Yoga and meditation are both excellent ways to have a stronger mind/body connection so you can pay attention to how stress affects your health. Then, add a relaxing music CD so they can practice at home after class.

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