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Gifts for Dad

Great Gift Ideas for Father's Day


Father's Day is a good time to acknowledge, not just your dad, but the other people in your life who have had a strong influence. A card or small gift would be really appreciated by someone you thought of as a mentor, for example.

If you've got a friend that just became a new dad, one of these gifts may work for him, too. Father's Day is a good time just to appreciate the male figures in your life who have been there for you in some way. Here are some gift ideas to help you get them something special and unique.

Retro Tee Shirt

Retro Tee Shirt
Retro Sport

The vintage look for tees goes a long way in my book. It allows your dad to call up plenty of positive memories from the past but still remain current in style. Retro shirts (like this one pictured) can be found online or in stores. I especially adore these shirts from Original Retro Brand. They come in a variety of colors, sizes, and subject matter. No matter what Dad's passion or hobby, find a tee that conveys it and your gift will be a hit.

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Unique Bottle Openers

No matter what your dad likes to drink, he'll appreciate a fun and funky bottle opener to add to his collection. I really like this Vintage Budweiser Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher from Home Wet Bar. Bottle openers can be found in any department or home store, and come in a variety of sizes and themes, from the silly to the chic. It makes for a good last-minute gift idea, too. Find one that suits your dad's personality best.

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7 Deadly Sins Drinking Glasses

Give your dad a new reason to try out different drink recipes with some cool new glasses. I really like the humor behind these seven deadly sins glasses from Uncommon Goods. The glasses each have a caricature that represents one of the seven deadly sins on it, which Uncommon Goods says resemble a "pack of demonic frat boys." They're dishwasher safe and sell for $72.00.
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Personalized Wine Cellar Sign

If your dad is into wine, a sign like this one from Red Envelope will go nicely in his home or office. It's in the style of an old wine barrel and is solid oak. The thing I like is that it has an artsy look to it, so you could hang it in the bar or family room. Best of all, you can personalize it especially for Dad.
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Notebook Made From a Child's Artwork

Kids Artwork
Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I love children's art and also know that parents really appreciate the original artwork from their kids. One way to make a gift personal is to use their kid's artwork in a new way, like this journal or notecard idea from Print Art Kids.

Just scan or take a digital photo of a drawing you'd like to use, upload it to their site, and they print it out on recycled paper and earth-friendly materials that you can use as a gift for Dad. Clever, personal, and good for the environment, too.

Father's Day Gift Basket Tower of Treats

Harry and David Tower of Treats
Harry and David
Of course, a tasty treat never hurts on Father's Day! This gift basket tower from Harry & David is perfect for any dad, and includes a mixture of fruit, nuts, and treats. The boxes come with this retro pattern, and contain five pears, a six ounce bag of Caramel Moose Munch, two snickerdoodle cookies, two chocolate-chocolate chunk cookies, and some peanut butter pretzel bites (which happen to be a favorite in our house.)
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