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13 Ways to Upcycle Sweaters

Upcycle Your Old Sweater to Make Something Unique for a Friend



The folks at Craft Stylish recommend using an old felted wool sweater to create a pair of slippers. I like the fact that they have a strip on them to keep them on. This gift is probably one best made for you. (But you deserve gifts, too!)

Chair Covers

Even if you're not crafty, you can pull off this idea. Take an old sweater, cut the sleeves and neck area off, and then cut it in two so the front and back are separate. Unscrew the seat (which is done by turning the chair upside down and locating the two to four screws that hold the seat in place), and then staple the sweater tightly (but not too tight) onto the seat. Make sure the rough edge is on the back of the seat. Trim the sweater fabric as necessarily to make it fit more cleanly to the chair, and screw the seat back on.

Homemade Dog Bed

I love the idea of using an old sweater to give your dog something, and this dog bed looks warm and cozy. All this requires is a large sweater, some batting or pillow stuffing, and a pillow form, along with a sewing needle. The arms of the sweater help create the soft circle for the exterior of the dog bed while the main body of the sweater holds a pillow form for your dog to sit on.


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