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Valentine's Gift Ideas for Friends

Unique Gifts to Give on February 14th


Who says Valentine's Day is just for romance? February 14th is also a good way to honor the friendships in your life as well. One way to do that is by giving them a charming gift that lets them know you appreciate having them in your world. Here are some ideas on unique gifts to give.

Necklaces That Swap Out Gems and Pendants

Heart of pendant
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If your friend likes necklaces, one of the best things to give her is a necklace that's interchangeable. They are the newest trend in jewelry. Signals, for example, offers this interchangeable heart magnet pendant, which is the perfect gift for the friend that likes to change it up. She'll never get bored with this necklace, because she can easily change out the magnets to a different color. Perfect for Valentine's Day or any time of the year.

Kmart also has an affordable interchangeable necklace, with heart-shaped crystals you can change out easily. The necklace has an 18 inch chain and is a polished sterling silver. There are other variations of this type of necklace, so do some shopping and find the perfect one for a friend.

Valentine Treat Basket

A treat basket that you build yourself and personalize for your friend is a really lovely way to show them you care. This type of gift doesn't have to be expensive, but it does have to be thoughtful and specific to their interests. If you can find a gift basket that has most of the things they like, try to make it that much more meaningful by adding a memory journal, heartfelt letter, or item that represents a private joke the two of you have.


Just because something is a traditional gift doesn't mean it's wrong! Flowers are a wonderful way to say "Happy Valentine's Day" to a friend, and since so many florists have specialty boutiques for February 14th, they're easy to find as well. Chose flowers that your friend adores, or ones that hold special meaning. For example, on the 1-800-Florals site, there contains a list of flowers and their meanings. If you're looking to convey cheerfulness? Give your friend a crocus. To let your friend know you feel admiration for them, consider giving lavender or heather. If you're looking for a generic message, maybe a white zinnia is the answer, which means goodness.

But a bouquet isn't the only kind of flowers you can give. What about a few seed packets in an envelope? Or a plant that will last long after the Valentine's Day holiday? These are also thoughtful and will be something your friend will really appreciate.

Coupon Books

Coupon books get a really bad rap as being cheesy, but the key with these is to make them specific to that one or two things your friend really wants. Things like babysitting or coffee work out well for these, or any one of these other random acts of kindness ideas. If you've heard your friend complain because they "wish they had" X in their life, pay attention. Maybe you can provide it!

Even if your friend mentions something you can't automatically give them (like a boyfriend, happy marriage, children, etc.), do what you can to help, provide advice, or get assistance for them. Just show your friend you are listening when you think of the kinds of coupons you give them. For example, if your friend really wants a boyfriend and doesn't have any prospects on the horizon, say you will help her by going out with her to new events, help her with her online dating profile, or work on setting her up. You might not be able to solve all of her problems, but she'll appreciate you putting in the effort to help.

Food Gifts

If you're a baker, package up some of your friend's favorite treats as a Valentine's Day gift. Even if you can't cook, these chocolate stuffed strawberries or brownies are easy enough to make for a friend. (Cut out the brownies using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, and you're all set.)

Celebrating Valentines With Friends

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