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What to Get the Friend Who Has Everything

Buying Gifts for Hard to Buy For Friends


Let's face it, some friends are impossible to buy gifts for. They have a lot of stuff, or they don't like anything. Maybe they lack hobbies or have such unique interests that it's impossible to get them something they'll love.

But as a friend, you want to wow your pal with a gift that says, "I care about you!" Gifts from friends mean a lot because those are the people who are supposed to know our likes and dislikes even better than family. Here are ten ideas for that friend that has everything.

Custom Bobblehead

If your friend is fun, quirky, and hard to buy for, a personalized bobblehead might be just the ticket. They come in a variety of categories or themes (sports, wedding, music, super hero, etc.) and look just like your friend. Your pal has probably never received this type of item, but they aren't likely to forget it.

Retro Game Controller iPhone Cover

If your friend is a child of the 80s, this game controller iPhone cover is sure to win his heart. It serves a modern-day purpose while still calling up memories of childhood. It snaps easily onto any iPhone 4G or 4S. $12.99 from Perpetual Kid.

Sky Umbrella

What a nice way to add blue skies to your friend's day! This lovely umbrella is black on the outside, but opens to reveal blue skies and white clouds. Your friend will get a kick out of it every time they open it up to use it. Under $50 from MoMA Store.

Signed Cookbook by Ina Garten

Ina Garten is known for stylish recipes that are easy enough that anyone can make. She demystifies cooking and makes food that is comforting, simple, and elegant.

What's better than an Ina Garten cookbook? A signed Ina Garten cookbook. Get yours here.

Memory Journal

Homemade gifts in general are a good idea for someone that has everything, but if you can personalize it and make it about them, your friend will welcome it even more. People love things that are specific to their needs, and they also like to be appreciated.

When you create a memory journal, you write down things you love about your friend, fun times you've had, and jokes you've shared. Your friend will have a cherished gift that they can go back to time and time again and it will be unlike anything they'll get from someone else.

Molecular Gastronomy Kit

If your pal is a foodie (or into chemistry at all), they'll get a kick out of this molecular gastronomy kit. Shows like Top Chef have made gastronomy popular to the average public, and with this kit your pal will be able to impress everybody by changing the look and chemical makeup of food. The kit promises to "change the look and feel of any ingredient" which will certainly add some fun and excitement to any dinner party. Available for $60 from Uncommon Goods.

Murano Glass Aquarium

This colorful fish tank is handmade by Murano glass blowers. Your friend will love having this on his or her desk, if not for the beauty of it than because of the geeky facts that go with it. The colored rods of glass embedded in the piece are what create the floating fish and reeds you see in the tank. Priced at under $200 from Smithsonian.com.

Personal Fireplace

This freestanding fireplace allows your friend to have a fire where they want: outside, indoors on a table, or out on the porch. It glows and crackles like a real fireplace but without the smoke or ash. Under $100 from Signals.

Family Rules Sign

Anything you can personalize is good for someone who has everything, and this "family rules" sign is perfect for the pal who runs their household like a tight ship. This sign demonstrates that love in a family takes effort but is worth every minute. $79.95 from Red Envelope.


Cheesecake is one of those foods that you just can't turn down. It's a nice way to give your friend a treat they can share with a loved one, serve at a party, or just eat all by themselves. The Cheesecake Factory allows you to preorder a gift and then have it delivered on a specific day, freeze your cheesecake, or keep it in the refrigerator for five days.

Pinball Gift Card Holder

If you're stumped on what to give your friend and feel that a gift card is the best option, why not make it that much more unique by putting it in this pinball gift card holder. Your friend will have to actually play the pinball game in order to get their gift card. $12.95 from What on Earth.

If these ideas weren't quite right for a friend, check out some of these websites that offer unique gift ideas that you can even have shipped to your friend.

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