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Homemade Gift Ideas

Homemade gifts let a friend know you cared enough to craft something by hand. These ideas will help you find the perfect gift.

Homemade Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Friend
Valentine's Day ideas you can make yourself.

Amazing, Thoughtful Gifts to Start Making Now
Super thoughtful gifts you can make for friends.

5 Things to Make From Cereal Boxes
Five fun craft project ideas for things to make for a friend out of cereal boxes.

5 Things to Make With Wine Corks
Wine lovers gifts made from corks.

Unique Ways to Send Valentines Greetings
Unique ways to send Valentines greetings to a friend.

Things to Make With Old Paint Chips
How to take paint chips and use them in a new way.

Stuff to Make From Old Sweaters
Different things to make and give using recycled sweaters.

How to Reuse Old Books for Homemade Gifts
Reuse books by making these craft projects.

How to Create a Memory Journal for Friends
Celebrate the special times you've had with your friend by making a unique memory journal. Your friend is sure to keep it for years to come.

100 Homemade Gift Ideas
One hundred ideas for making your friend the perfect present. Projects include bath salts, decorative pens, candy wreaths, and more. Best of all, this list includes ideas for all skill levels and occasions.

Homemade Gifts for Women
Your friend will really appreciate a gift that comes from your heart. This list of homemade gift ideas is sure to make your friend happy. While many of them are geared toward moms, they can be personalized for the female friends on your gift giving list.

Homemade Gifts for Dad
Make that guy friend of yours some special! This list of homemade gift ideas has some great options in all price ranges.

Creative Gift Ideas
I don't think I'm along in saying that creative gifts are the best to receive. But they have to have thought. List this of creative gift ideas will help you figure out the perfect present to make for your friend.

Cookies in a Jar
Who doesn't love cookies? Cookies in a jar is a good present for those who like to bake, those who can't bake very well, and anyone who likes cookies!

Did You Recycle an Old Sweater Into Something Fabulous?
Need some inspiration on what to give? Check out these upcycled projects from readers.See submissions

Gifts Made by Friends for Friends
Readers share gifts they made for a friend.

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