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Unique Ways to Send Valentines Greetings

Original Homemade Valentine Cards and Notes


Why just send a card on Valentine's Day when you could give your friend something they'll truly remember? These creative ideas for making and sending Valentine's Day cards and greetings are sure to inspire you.

I Love You Bean Kit

This is a cute gift idea for a friend you've known a while and want to get something totally original. The plant, when it sprouts, has the words "I Love You" on the leaves! They take about five days to sprout. It's under $6 from Perpetual Kid.

A Card for the Friend Who Enjoys Reading

This suggestion takes a simple card and adds the small gift of a bookmark. Use a giant paper clip or barrette to make it and then glue it to the card. Finish up with a cute line that relates to the theme, like "You're a novel friend" and don't forget to include our list of ten favorite novels about friendship.

Pop Up Valentine's Day Card

Instead of a plain old card, why not a pop up? They're fun to open and with the instructions from this tutorial you can make it easily enough for a friend.

Fish in a Bowl Valentines

This is an adorable way to combine some treats with your Valentine. You don't need a lot of crafty skills to pull this off, either. Just some candies, a printer, and cello or clear bags. Cut out the fish tank graphic and place in the bag with some fish gummie treats. The artist also sells these on Etsy.

Scratch Off Photo Valentine

Very cute way to transform a Polaroid picture into a scratch-off card. Adds a unique touch to the plain old Valentine, and your friend will appreciate having yet another photo and memory of you. You can make this with dish soap and acrylic paint.

Valentine's Day Button Heart Card

Take pre-made plain cards, some red, pink, and white buttons, and you can create this adorable card for a friend. Use a red pen to write a special note along the edge of the heart or inside to personalize it. It's best for friends you see in person to keep the buttons from getting crushed.

Happy Valentine's Day Chocolate Bar Wrapper

Take a regular chocolate bar and create a special Valentine's greeting on it. This is a good gift for the chocoholic friend who deserves something sweet for February 14th.

How Do You Celebrate Valentine's Day?

Readers share their plans for Valentine's Day.
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