1. People & Relationships

In Love With a Friend

Falling for a friend can mean the end of the friendship you've established, or the beginning of a strong new relationship.

How to Develop a Healthy Platonic Friendship
How to create a friendship between a guy and girl.

How to Become Friends With Your Ex
Staying friends with an ex.

The Friend Zone
Are you in the friend zone? Find out with this definition.

Going From Friends to Dating
Can you really start out as friends and then date normally?

Does He Like Me as a Friend or More?
Reader question from our Dating site on whether a new guy likes her as a friend or has romantic feelings for her.

Just Friends? Or an Affair?
A reader question from our Divorce site talks about whether or not to believe her spouse when he tells her his friend is nothing more than a pal.

Definition of Friends With Benefits
What does "friends with benefits" really mean?

How Do You Hit on a Long Term Friend?
Reader question on how to ask a long-time friend out.

Friendship in Marriage
Did you get married to your best friend? Here's how to keep that level of friendship going.

Can Male-Female Friendships Survive Unrequited Love?
Can a man and woman keep a friendship strong when one of them is in love?

Your Guy Friend Probably Think You Are Into Him
Does your guy friend know that you're not attracted to him? Or does he think you're pining for him?

3 Ways a Bromance Can Hurt Your Relationships
A bromance is usually a positive thing, but there are a couple ways it can harm the other relationships in your life if you take it to an extreme.

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