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Introverts respond to the world a little differently than others, but they can have just as many fulfilling friendships as anyone else. We will provide tips on meeting new people, making friends, and making small talk.
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  2. Introverts - Small Talk and Making Conversation (6)
  3. Readers Talk About Being Introverted (2)

Things Introverts Should Know About Extroverts
Being friends with an extrovert.

Gifts for Introverts
Gift ideas for introverts.

Things Extroverts Should Know About Introverts
Helpful tips for making friends with an introvert.

Friendship Lessons From Introverts
Introverts are known for having strong friendship ties with a select few people. Taking some clues from their personality type can help provide us with new insight on how to be a better friend.

Quotes from Introverted Actresses
Famous people talk about what it's like to be an introvert in this selection of quotes.

Making Friends If You Are an Introvert
Introverts can have a full life filled with friends they enjoy. Here's how to make friends and build a social life you feel comfortable with.

Definition of an ambivert.

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