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10 TV Shows That Will Help You Make Small Talk


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Dancing With the Stars
Dancing With the Stars

People watch Dancing With the Stars to see their favorite actress, athlete, or music star perform.

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Dancing With the Stars is a show I never thought would take off. I can't believe how wrong I was, and yes, even I have watched it from time to time (usually when my favorite football player is on). But that's the point, it draws viewers from all different areas. No matter who you're talking to, you're bound to run into someone that has watched the show, if not on a regular basis, than occasionally to see their favorite contestant.

Small talk ideas:

  • "I've been watching Donald Driver and can't believe he hasn't received a perfect ten yet! Do you think he'll win?"
  • "I give those stars credit. I don't think I could ever do that. Do you know how long they have to learn the dances?"
  • "I just found out they sell a special collection Barbie doll from Dancing With the Stars. I never realized the show was that popular. Have you ever seen it?"


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