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How to Be a Friend

Finding friends is one thing, but keeping them close is equally as important. We'll show you ways to nurture and grow your friendship, so you and your pal can stay close for years to come.
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  2. Etiquette and Friendship (2)
  3. Improve Your Own Behavior (24)
  4. Kindness (18)
  5. Nurture Friendships (17)
  6. Sticky Situations With Friends (8)
  7. The Basics of Making Friendships Better (20)

How to Gracefully Change the Subject
Steering the conversation to a new subject.

How to Talk to Your Friend About a Personal Hygiene Problem
How do you tell a friend about their personal hygiene problem without making them feel bad?

Nice Things to Do for a Friend That Don't Cost a Thing
Kind acts that will make a friend feel special.

When Your Friends Are Your Family
If you don't have family near, consider drawing closer to your friends.

Expecting a Friend to Change
It is reasonable to expect a friend to change?

Friendship Etiquette Questions
Common etiquette questions related to friendship.

How Self-Esteem Affects Friendship
Do you think somewhere deep down that you do not deserve friends? This attitude of low self esteem can hinder your friendships.

5 Things Never to Assume About a Friend
When you bond with a friend, you might begin to assume things about your friendship. Like, that it will never end or that your pal agrees with you politically. You know the joke about assuming, right? So here are some things to be mindful of when it comes to your friend.

How to Be Honest
Should you tell your friend exactly what you think?

How to Keep Friendships Going When You Are Busy
Ever find yourself wishing the world could slow down so you can do everything on your to do list? Like, perhaps, keeping in touch with your friends? Here are some ways to keep your friendships strong when you've got a busy schedule.

My Friend's Husband Cheated On Her
What to do when a friend's husband is cheating on her.

Being Too Busy for Friends
We're all so busy these days, aren't we? But being too busy can mean your friendships will suffer. The key is finding balance between your friendships, work, and family life.

Resolving Conflict and Nurturing Your Friendship
Develop more positive friendships with this selection of resources.

Readers Share What They Are Most Thankful For
Readers share their thoughts of gratitude.

Support a Friend Through Divorce
When a friend divorces, it doesn't mean that your friendship needs to take a hit, but it does mean you'll need to be open to change.

Received Kindness From a Friend - On the Receiving End of a Random Act of...
Readers share the times that a friend did something nice for them for no reason. Just because.

The Golden Rule
How to use the Golden Rule to make your friendships better.

How to Set the Right Pace for a New Friendship
You never want to push a relationship too far before its ready, and that includes friendships. Here are some tips on making sure you allow your friendship to progress naturally.

5 Lessons From Dogs About Friendship
Dogs are considered man's best friend, but they can also give some clues on better relationships with your human pals.

After the Election
When arguments over politics make friends walk away from each other, what to do after the election is over.

How to Make Your Friendship a Safe Place
Friendships can quickly veer off course if one of the people involved betrays trust. In order for a friendship to be a safe place, each friend has to give the proper respect to each other and the relationship.

How to Be On Time
Arriving on time for things can help keep things harmonious in your friendship.

5 Surprising Places to Learn About Friendship
If you want to make your friendships better, you can get tips anywhere, including celebrities, pop culture, and more.

How to Help Your Friend
How to support your friend in a variety of different scenarios.

Helping Someone Who Is Lonely
What to do when a friend admits they are lonely.

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