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Benefits Of Facebook Friends

Why Your Facebook Friends Matter


Is Facebook worth the time? Can you really get support and love like you would from the friends you see in person? Yes. But at the same time, it's a different kind of relationship. Facebook may have some drawbacks, but there are also ways to build better friendships on the site as well.

Facebook Friends Give Instant Support

Did you ever try lamenting about your bad day on Facebook? You'll probably get at least a few people who will instantly tell you something to cheer you up. Perhaps your husband or best friend doesn't want to hear about your desire for more coffee or a better hair day, but your Facebook friends will. This kind of support can help when it seems like no one else is listening.

Facebook is Always "On"

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Sometimes your BFF isn't around and just want human interaction of some kind. Maybe you want to sneak in a moment to see what everyone is up to in between clients at work, or when you're up at 4 a.m. and can't sleep. Regardless of when you want to log in, Facebook is there waiting for you. This can give a sense of comfort and make you feel connected to the world.

You're Able to Show a Different Side to Yourself

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Some of my Facebook friends know more about me than the people I see in real life. That's because I'm able to upload pictures and video and post small notes on my wall about the way my day is going or how I feel about a certain subject. In some ways this gives people a sense of who I am. It also allows me to share links I like, which I wouldn't be able to do as readily if I was just meeting a friend for coffee.

You Can Connect With Your Past

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Where you a dork in high school? A jerk in college? Facebook allows you to connect with people from your past and show them how you've changed for the better. You can make amends, give people support, and connect with someone you never thought you'd see again. This can be a good thing if you've got unresolved issues with that person.

You Can Stay in Touch With Friends Who Are Far Away

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One of the biggest benefits of Facebook is that you can easily stay connected with a best friend or family member who has moved away. Facebook allows you to instant message them or post photos, so you don't have to wait to chat or share your joys and sorrows as you would with phone calls or emails. This can ease the hurt when your pals move away and make it easier to keep your friendship going.

Connections With People You Never Would Have Met in Real Life

Let's face it, with Facebook you'll be "meeting" people from all over the globe. You get to friend celebrities and people you just met but don't really know. This can be a good thing in that it opens up your world to many other viewpoints. A larger group of connections always means opportunity for growth.

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