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Have a Friendship Date

Things to Do With a Friend


When you've got a busy life and do not have as much time to spend with your friends as you would like, opt for a friendship date. A friendship date is a specified time that you schedule with a pal for fun, to accomplish errands together, or just to ensure you both make room on your calendar. Here are some tips on having a friendship date.

Schedule Time With Your Friend in Advance

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Many of us are busy and unable to make the time we used to for our friends. This puts you both at a disadvantage, because if you wait until you suddenly have more time, it will never happen. Instead, schedule time on your calendar far enough out in advance where you and your friend won't already have something marked down. Then, treat your friendship date as you would any other meeting that you don't want to cancel because you: don't feel like it, are tired, or are having a busy week.

By having something on the calendar, you won't feel guilty about trying to fit your friend in and you'll also be actively recharging your own batteries in addition to nurturing your friendship.

Work Out Together

None of us get as much exercise as we should, and what better way to keep us motivated than scheduling time at the gym or yoga studio with your friend? You'll have the physical benefit of doing something good for your body, and then the mental benefit of spending time with your friend. Be sure to schedule time before or after your workout to talk for a few minutes. It will make this type of friendship date even better.

Benefits of a Friendship Date

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By consciously making time to get together with your friend on a regular basis, you will feel a relaxed sense of energy when it comes to your friendships. Many people feel stressed just trying to keep up with all their friendships, and by scheduling time you can mentally "check off" the task of connecting. That way you won't feel pressure to log on to Facebook or email just to make sure your friendship is being nurtured properly.

More than that, however, is the benefit that you'll get by spending time with your friends on a regular basis. Think of friendship dates like nurturing your spirit, just as exercise nurtures your body. Commit to them and see how it changes your well being.

Run Errands Together

Who says friendship is all about having dinner or going to the movies? Rather than trying to come up with a time when you both have free, consider making a date where you both accomplish the things you need to get done. This lets you both run the errands you need to run, while at the same time giving you time to connect. Friendship is whatever you make it, and you can have just as great a time just being with your friend in a casual setting as you would with another activity.

Get Yourself to Boot Camp

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My Friendship Boot Camp ecourse is designed to help you keep ahead of regular friendship dates. The course can be viewed online or delivered weekly to your inbox, and offers tips on different ways to connect with friends. Each week you'll get a reminder along with ideas on what to schedule with your friend. 

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