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How to Help Your Friend

Ways to Get a Friend Through a Rough Time


One of the best parts of friendship is the knowledge that someone is there for you, and wants good things for your life. It's hard to watch our friends struggle with things like addiction, break ups, and health issues. Knowing what to do and say is important, and this collection of resources should give you a start on getting the background you need to help your friend recover.

How Can I Help an Alcoholic Friend?

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Alcoholism is a tough disease as it often affects those around the alcoholic, too. In order to be a friend and even help an alcoholic get into treatment, here are several tips on what to do. These range from how to stop enabling behavior and how to confront someone.

How to Help a Binge Eater

The first step in helping a friend with a problem is always research. After all, you want to get an idea of what your friend is struggling with before you can determine how to help. The same is true for binge eating. If your friend struggles with this, find out more before offering advice. This article on the Women Issues site shows you how.

How to Support a Friend with Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia

One of the helpful tips provided in this article is about taking care of yourself as the caregiver for someone with agoraphobia. This is often an overlooked point. You can't help someone else if you need help yourself. Here are six tips for helping a friend with this disorder.

Helping a Friend Who Has Miscarried

Sometimes pregnancy doesn't come easy for friends, and if they have miscarried your friend will need your support more than ever before. Before you help, take note of these tips about how to approach your friend. Listening is important, perhaps more than ever before, as is showing support in the way your friend needs it most.

Helping a Friend Who Has Been Raped

About readers respond with their experience on helping a friend after she experiences rape. Tips include how to talk to a friend about her trauma and how to help her recover emotionally. Friends can be especially helpful in this situation if support is done the right way.

Helping a Friend Who Has Breast Cancer

A collection of articles on how to support a friend with breast cancer. Tips include gifts you can make or give, what to say to your friend, when to encourage support groups, and more. Every person's experience may be a little different, so understanding the collection of emotions your friend may go through will help you determine the best way to show support.

How to Help a Friend Struggling With Addiction

If your friend has an addiction, your support can help them get help, recover, and then stay on track. They have to do the hard work themselves, of course, but what you say or do through each stage of their treatment and recovery can definitely make an impact. Dealing with an addiction can take a toll on friends, so it's important to understand all you can about it so you know what to do and when.

How to Help a Friend Who Is Dealing With Grief

Grief can come from a variety of places, from the loss of a relationship to a job suddenly ending. There are lots of ways you can help, but each friend is different. Some like people around during their grief and others just need one friend to listen while they talk. Here are some ideas on how to help your friend.

Helping a Friend Who Has Had Organ Transplant Surgery

Has your friend had organ transplant surgery? If so, learn about the emotions they might feel, as well as the physical challenges they'll be dealing with. Learning this information will help you be the best friend you can to them during recovery.

Supporting a Friend Through Divorce

It's especially important that you proceed cautiously after your friend gets a divorce. After all, you might be friends with one or both of the people involved. Divorces are not the same as a breakup, as there is often monetary, emotional, and familial issues involved. Your friendship will change after a divorce because your friend's life has changed, but that doesn't mean it has to end. Divorce marks the end of a marriage and often the beginning of something else. Let that spirit help as you transition to a new point in your friendship as you support your friend.

How to Help a Friend With Depression

Depression is a really difficult thing to wrap your head around if you've never dealt with it. Before you offer support or advice, learn more about the disease so you can have a better understanding of what your friend is feeling.

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