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5 Connectors You Need In Your Social Circle

People Who Can Introduce You to Others


If you're someone that struggles with meeting friends, you may find it easier with the help of some key people. These are folks who make friends (and acquaintances) easily, and can introduce you to more individuals.

The Ultimate Extrovert

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While the majority of the population (60-75 percent) is extroverted to some degree, the type of person we're talking about here is the ultimate extrovert. This individual can walk up to almost anyone and strike up a conversation. If you spend an afternoon with them, you'll probably notice a few tips you can use to meet new friends yourself.

One thing the ultimate extrovert does really well is learn the names of people they meet. This might sound simple, but how often are you introduced to someone and then five minutes later you cannot remember their name? The Ultimate Extrovert has memorized their name and probably other details like their kid's names, birthday, and favorite ice cream flavor. The point is, pay attention because it will help you to connect.

The Party Organizer

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Do you have a friend that seems to have frequent gatherings of some kind at their house? Perhaps they'll have a group over for cocktails, watch a TV show, or even just go for a dip in the pool. Their philosophy is "the more the merrier" and they love nothing better than entertaining a crowd. Having the Party Organizer in your friend list means you'll constantly meet a steady stream of new people.

The Mentor

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Mentors exist for all different types of situations. They may be that person that has lived in your neighborhood for ages, the one at work who has experience to share, or someone you meet socially who has great advice and stories. They are quick to impart their wisdom, which often includes the right person to talk to at work or in your personal life.

These folks may or may not be friends with you personally, but either way they will connect you with plenty of other people. They enjoy sharing their knowledge and probably have touched more than one life over the years.

The Committee Person

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This type of individual does not just attend meetings, they volunteer for things. You’ll find them on several different committees which might range from PTA involvement to deciding what type of colors should go on their kid’s soccer uniform. They like to get involved, and as a result they consistently meet new people.

The Committee Person is used to getting people involved, so when you meet them be prepared for a request on how you can help! But don’t shy away from these folks, because their energy is infectious and you’ll probably meet new friends just by joining one or two of their causes.

The Networker

Small Talk
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People who are great at networking aren’t necessarily extroverts, but they do share several traits in common, like remembering details about new people they meet. What sets these folks apart is that they are focused on someone's business needs. However, if you talk about the fact that you need to put a new roof on your house or find a babysitter, they will have a contact for you to call. These are good folks to know because the business contacts they have could wind up being personal friends of yours down the road.

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