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Attract New Friendships More Easily

Drawing New Friends In


Want to be the type of person who just seems to get friendships wherever they go? It isn't a secret formula that attracts people to you, but the right outlook and approach. Here are some tips on how to attract friends to you more easily.

Be Approachable

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If you're guarded in your personality it will show in your body language. Watch how you hold yourself when others are around. Do you have your arms folded? Are you frowning? In order to get people to talk to you, smile and invite conversation.

Show Your Passion

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Each of us has something we're passionate about, and when we take part in our hobbies we can naturally find someone else who shares our enthusiasm. It's easiest to develop friendships with people who have similar interests, and one way to do that is by joining a club or group. Meetup.com is a great way to do that.

Practice the Art of Small Talk

Small Talk
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Small talk is a key ingredient in new friendships. We must steer our way into meaningful conversation, and the way to do that is by commenting on common things and then listening for clues on what to ask next. This approach allows you to figure out what you and your acquaintance may have in common that could eventually lead to friendship.

Be Present

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Too often, we miss opportunities for friendship simply because we are distracted. We might be thinking about our to-do list, checking email on our phone, or texting, but any of these things will give off a vibe that pushes new people away. Distraction says to people, "Don't bother me, I'm busy." If you want to have more friends, you need to give off the impression that you have all the time in the world to chat with people. When you're out somewhere, be present enough to take advantage of any opportunity to meet new friends.

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