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Make New Friends During Your Daily Routine

How to Meet People Every Day


Sometimes the easiest way to make friends is to be casual about it, like when you are out during your daily routine. It is possible to make friends in this slow and easy way. If you go about your regular business and let these acquaintance relationships develop naturally, you'll have one or two extra friends to count on in your social circle.

You might need to tweak your routine slightly to get the most opportunities to meet people. For example, if you're a homebody, getting out a bit more (even to run errands) can help you stay connected and get used to making small talk with people. Here are a few more tips.

Talk to Your Neighbors

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It’s surprising to me how many people live somewhere but don’t know their neighbors. It’s not your fault. You’re busy. You come home and just want to relax. But before you pull the car the garage, make sure to say hello to the person living right next to you that you might see coming home at the same time. Even better? Do something nice for them, like helping them with groceries or even giving them a small plant as a “hello neighbor” type of gift. Slowly get to know them, and you may become friends down the road sometime.

Get a Part Time Job

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If you're desperately looking for new friends and you've tried other methods, consider getting a part time job. You will not only meet the people you'll be working with, but if you choose wisely you'll also get a chance to meet customers. Pick a job that gets you out and about and energizes you so you'll be encouraged to make small talk.

Become a Regular Somewhere

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Instead of logging on at home, take your laptop out to the coffee shop once in a while and get to know the baristas and other customers. Just by being “out,” you’ll be able to meet more people than if you’d had stayed at home.

The same holds true for somewhere like the pub, dry cleaner, or even the local bagel shop. Going somewhere at the same time every week will help the staff (and other patrons) recognize you. This helps you connect when you see those same people again out somewhere else.

Carry a Book With You

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Sure, I know, ebooks are hot right now. I've got an e-reader myself and I love it. But if you want to have people start conversations with you, carry an interesting book. You'd be surprised at how many people will ask you about it.

Go Inside Instead of Through the Drive Through

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The next time you're running out to grab a burger or pick up a prescription, go inside instead of using the drive through. This will put you in touch with others and get you in the mode of talking to people. Just this small change in habit will help you become more at ease and will help you find those tiny clues that get tossed out in the course of conversation to get to know someone better.

Let New Friendship Develop Slowly

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As you meet people every day, let the relationship develop at its own pace. You may connect faster with certain folks than with others, and that's okay. Friendships with true blue people who will really be there for you take time to develop. Keep a positive attitude as you meet new people, and eventually some of the folks you know on a casual basis will become your friends.

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