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Meeting New People and Developing Friendships


There's nothing better than finding out you click with someone new. While new friendships hold lots of promise, you have to nurture them wisely to make sure they grow into a strong relationship. These resources will help you find activities to get to know your new friend, ways to make the relationship stronger, and how to keep the friendship going for years to come.
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  2. Making Small Talk
  3. Activities
  4. Making a New Friendship Work
  1. Best Friends
  2. Recognizing Bad Friendships
  3. Loneliness

Meeting New People

Friends Meeting for Coffee

Meeting new friends can be difficult as you get older. Remember when we were kids and seemed to meet a new friend every week? It can still be that way! These tips will help you meet new people, which is the first step to making friends.

Making Small Talk

Small Talk

Small talk is essential for meeting new people. By starting off with common subjects, you can transform an ordinary conversation with a stranger into a deeper, more fun, meaningful conversation with a new friend.


Dinner Party

Finding things to do with a new friend may be a challenge in the beginning, especially when you are looking for just the right type of activity. The following resources will give plenty of ideas for a variety of different situations.

Making a New Friendship Work

New Friends

New friends are precious and you might find that you need to take extra special care in the beginning with them. These resources will help you get a new friendship off the ground successfully.

Best Friends

Female Friends Enjoying an Afternoon

Do you need a best friend? Do you want one? This section will help you answer all your questions on best friend relationships.

Recognizing Bad Friendships


Let's face it, some friendships just aren't meant to be. This section will help you figure out who is really a friend.


Feeling Lonely

Being lonely can not only affect your state of mind, it can change the type of friendships you attract. This section will give you some resources on how to handle your feelings of loneliness and have the companionship you crave in your life.

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