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New Friendships

New friendships need a little extra time and attention. Here's how to start them off the right way.
  1. Five Weeks to Develop a New Friendship (6)
  2. Issues With New Friends (4)
  3. Small Talk and Conversation (9)
  4. Strengthening Your New Friendship (5)
  5. When First Meeting New Friends (5)

Making Good First Impressions With Potential Friends
Making a good impression right out of the gate when you meet someone new will give you a better chance of becoming friends with them. Here are tips on forming a friendship.

What Makes for Good Small Talk?
If you want to make a good impression with someone new, be careful about which topics you use for small talk

Make New Friends During Your Daily Routine
One easy way to make friends is just to incorporate a few new things into your daily routine.

Why Continually Making Friends Is Important
Even if you feel your social life is full right now, there are plenty of reasons why you should be open to finding new friends.

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