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Online Course - - Five Weeks to Develop a New Friendship



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5 Weeks to Develop a New Friendship

Cherie Burbach

Are you looking to make a new friend? The following pages offer a free, five-part online course that will help you make a connection with someone new. You can sign up to have this course delivered straight to your email inbox, where you will receive one lesson per week, or, you can browse through the lessons here online.

In this course, you'll find out how to master small talk, find an activity that introduces you to more people, and start a new friendship. Establishing friendships takes some time, but there is a way to speed up your odds of meeting new people, making an effort to find common ground, and creating a genuine connection with someone. That's what we'll focus on in this five-week course.

Why five weeks? Of course some friendships are formed much quicker than that. Others can take years. This course starts from scratch, assuming you have a desire to make friends with brand new people you either haven’t met yet, or have only met a few times (and as a result know only as an acquaintance). The time involved includes doing new activities, engaging in small talk, and making a connection with someone.

We’ll go week by week to give you several days to do each lesson and reflect on what’s required, but if you feel you need more time (or alternatively, want to speed things up), you can stay on one lesson as long as it takes for you to feel comfortable moving forward. All the issues of this ecourse are also listed here online. Choose the pace that is right for you and your friendship.

If you do sign up for the email course, be sure to add friendship@aboutguide.com to your contact list to make sure the lessons aren't blocked by your service provider.

If you have a question about making friends and would like some feedback from our readers, feel free to visit our Friendship Forum, where you can ask anonymous questions and get opinions from other people just like you who are looking to make friends and have a more fulfilling social life.

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Five Weeks to Develop a New Friendship
Part 1: Practice Small Talk
Part 2: Get Sociable
Part 3: Evaluate
Part 4: Ask a Friend Out for Coffee
Part 5: Follow Up

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