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Best Nonfiction Book About Friendship for 2012
Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever

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Best Friends Forever: Surviving a Breakup With Your Best Friend by Irene Levine

Voting was close for the leaders in this category, but in the end Best Friends Forever by Irene Levine (buy direct) was the winner with 40% of the vote.

Here's more some information on the book from Levin's website:

"Friendships with other women are integral to our sense of happiness, health, and emotional well-being. At their best, these relationships fill our lives with love and laughter---but they can just as easily lead to intense feelings of sadness, hurt, loss, and shame that are as painful to get over as a breakup with a husband or lover.

What happens to our friendships? Why do some grow richer with time, others disappear, and others come to a crashing, often unanticipated, end? How do you tell the difference between the ones that are keepers that are definitely worth saving and the ones that should be discarded? In an effort to understand the natural course of our friendships, I surveyed more than 1500 women of all ages, from all walks of life, to learn about their friendships, why some succeed and others fail, and how women can use every friendship, whatever the outcome, to emerge more whole."

Levine focused on why some friendships fell apart and why women chose to leave them.

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